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Engagement Story

Shannon & Kyle

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It was high school, they each had their own lives despite seeing each other every day. It wasn’t until college when Shannon & Kyle were both home for Christmas break that they ended up at the same New Years Party. Socializing with their own friends most of the night until the countdown started. It was almost midnight and when the cheering started and the clock struck midnight…Shannon found herself next to Kyle…their first kiss at midnight 5 years ago.
They dated the remainder of their college years and Kyle being in the military ended up stationed in Florida where Shannon later joined him. The next step was Shannon patiently waiting for a ring. They both admit to being awful at keeping secrets, especially when it comes to gifts, so the ‘almost’ romantic but not quite fits their personalities just right.
In Shannon’s words…
“I visited him Florida and he showed me part of the ring and told me he'd propose in July after he completed phase 1 of training. So when we got home he called me up and asked what my work schedule was like the next week (he was also on a time schedule since he was only going to be home in Seattle for a week and a half and wanted to do it during that time since I was moving down). After telling him I would be getting off work early on Tuesday he said "okay. I'll do it that day".
Kyle also does not plan for things at all. He asked me if he could just text me a picture of him down on one knee and mail the ring? Um…maybe not!??
He proceeded to call Canlis, a restaurant in Seattle, the night before (which is usually booked 2 months in advance) and miraculously while he was on the phone trying to get a reservation someone canceled for the night he was trying to book. He made the reservation and the next night he picked me up from work and headed out on the town. We went to Pike Place Market and around Seattle then ended up at Canlis for dinner. As we were being seated they sat us on the same side of the booth (which we've never liked being same side sitters when it's just us two) and they pushed the table in. A bit squished, we awkwardly looked at each other and grinned. It was kind of a weird situation and Kyle looks at me and says "ok that's weird. I can't do it now. I guess I’ll do it tomorrow". Again, I said…”OK!??”
BUT right before desert my dress broke I was trying to keep it up by holding it and while being a bit distracting Kyle pushed the table out and dragged me across the bench and got down on one knee. I was so excited I grabbed the ring and put it on and said "What do you think?" And kissed him. Luckily my dress stayed on and so has the ring. He claims I didn't said "yes" until way later since I was too focused on my ring! I know I said “yes” and regardless we are now getting married!!!”
Shannon & Kyle are getting married in August at The Newcastle Golf & Country Club. I am super excited to see what they have planned and photograph their gorgeous day!